How the project loom can fix it

Current concurrency problem on Java

When we write a server-side application, we need our application to support high throughput, and it means we must respond to lots of requests in a small unit of time. We need to handle requests concurrently and paralleled since concurrency in java means threads we need lots of threads. We could have a million open sockets in the new modern servers, but we can’t have a million threads. Since Java only wraps OS threads, we have as many threads as OS has, and even modern OSs can’t support more than a few thousand active threads at a time. This is…

Today’s software deployment is a repetitive process some times you may deploy your software a hundred times in a day especially when your system is on microservices architect you have many services and continuously deployment.
so one of the important things is you must know which version of your service is on production now in this article we learn how to use spring actuator and maven git plugin to find out which version of our application is running on production now

So we need actuator in our dependencies:


Now you can run your application and go…


In this tutorial, we implement a very simple chat server with golang that uses golang standard libraries. All we need is a broadcaster method that sends messages to clients and a handler method for handling the connection.

So first of all, we need a connection and we can use net package:

func main() {
listen, err := net.Listen("tcp", "localhost:8080")
if err != nil {

After that for accepting connections we need an infinite loop :

for {
conn, err := listen.Accept()
if err != nil {


Now we must handle a connection on…

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